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The Dog Days of Summer

Hello!  As summer winds to a close I want to send my apologies to my readers for being absent this summer.  For me it has been a wonderful – but exhausting – summer of travels and a new job.  (And leaving me with my first cold in two years and laryngitis.)  Shortly after returning from my last theater gig I was offered a position as a New York City tour guide which has lead to endless hours of studying about my beloved adopted town and the joy of sharing this town with and meeting countless tourists.  I’ve been loving having the chance to share this town with visitors and would love to share it with you.  Please let me know if you are planning to visit the Big Apple and I will do my best to set you up with a tour.

As for my travels this summer, I have had the pleasure of seeing a 1016334_10151892496086596_1153254453_nfew of the highlights of the United States.  After doing a gig down in Georgia, I’ve since taken trips to Chicago, islands of the Puget Sound, the Sierra Nevada Mountains & the California Valley, the Three Rivers City of Pittsburg, and a whiskey & wine tasting trip up the Hudson River.  I’ve had endlessly wonderful experiences but a handful of number of horrible travel experiences have added up – from trouble with my air flights, difficulties with my food allergies, and a few more.  I look forward to sharing the joys of my travels with you folks along with all of the mishaps and travel lessons I’ve learned from these trips.

Please continue to follow me for travel stories, travel tips, gluten free travel, running trails, and more!

xo Alison


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