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Running the World: II

It is Global Running Day!  The purpose of the dayIMG_5550 is to encourage activity, to get folks to get up and go.  For me, it is a day to celebrate the fact that I am once again a member of the running community!  It has taken many months for my knee injury to heal and just as many for me to regain the strength needed to run without injury but I am back. Very slowly, but surely.  Every extra mile I can run feels like a victory.  And I can’t help but look back on my past races and favorite running trails with joy while at the same time looking forward to my next race.  (I’m not quite ready to plan that one.)

And now for round two of my favorite running routes around the world.  If you missed the first round, you can read it here:

  • COLUMBUS, GA – One of the joys for me in finally12998424_10104846709307499_1566683020921103437_o being able to lace up my running shoes and take off like the wind (actually, I was very slow to start) was where I was.  I was back in a lovely southern city that I had done a show in seven years prior.  Situated on the boarder of Alabama and separated by the Chattahoochee River, this once sleepy city has sprung to life since I last worked there and my favorite thing about the city – the Riverwalk – has as well.  The main portion of the Riverwalk by the heart of Uptown has grown in popularity for family and friends out on a stroll, fishermen, and spectators of the local water sports.  But as the trails winds north and south from there the crowd becomes sparse, leaving one with just the beauty of nature and the occasional bicyclist or fellow runner.  The trail north leads to the dam and ends after approximately five miles.  The trail south13041468_10104869262540639_5835335211583912616_o winds on for eleven miles, taking one away from the riverfront, through an alligator habitat (we never saw one) and into Fort Benning.  If you’re looking for a beautiful path for a long run, this is it.  And then if you end your run by the popular Uptown district, follow your run by grabbing a recovery bite, coffee, or a beverage at one of the many options on the city’s historic Broadway.  The city also has a very friendly growing running community so if you like to meet fellow runners, be sure to look them up and join!  The Riverwalk: / Running Clubs: &


  • CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – We stayed near225444_10100399680878119_4779788_n the waterfront and I delighted in being able to run near the water and through the charming historical harbor early in the morning as the sun rose.  I’m not usually a morning person but the brilliance of the sunrise that far south was a grand reward for dragging myself out of bed.  My runs were early enough that few people were yet to fill the streets which allowed me to take in more of the harbor than during the busy daytime and evening hours and I could watch the dock workers preparing for the day.  If you can get yourself up and down to the waterfront, I highly recommend going for a morning run.  You don’t need a set route, just ensure that you hit the harbor at some point on your run.  (Look for Victoria & Alfred Waterfront on a map to locate it.)  And if you would like a set run, the Tourist Information Centre provides free maps of a very nice 5k trail:


  • MARGINAL WAY, OGUNQUIT, MAINE – 1910160_10103266499665289_4257531607166235067_nIt is only 1.25 miles long but that doesn’t matter considering the picturesque view and delightful ocean breezes it provides.  Located atop the granite cliffs that fall into the Atlantic Ocean and without any buildings to block the way, the path which was originally built in 1925 is partially paved, partially dirt.  I recommend hitting the path early in the morning to avoid crowds strolling the trail.  For a map of Ogunquit and the trail:

Happy Running!!




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